John Haag – Are You Interested in Real Estate?

John Haag has been working in finance for more than two decades. He has held a number of positions and is a turnaround management consultant. He works in finance, operations, and business management. He has worked with Presidio Partners and with CallisterHaag Consulting, LLC. He has a background in investment banking as well as accounting. Real estate can be a great investment opportunity.

If you are interested in becoming a property owner and an investor, you may consider purchasing single family homes. There are many families who are interested in renting a home rather than purchasing a home. If you want to become an investor, there are several steps you can take to break into the real estate business.

The first step is to purchase a property. If you want to make a good return on your investment, it may be beneficial to find a property that needs some work. You may be able to purchase a home in a good neighborhood at a lower price. Doing light renovations to the home could help you get a higher rent, which in turn would increase your return.

After you have your property, you can contact a property management company. The company you choose could help you find a tenant by performing background and credit checks. The property management company will have direct contact with the tenants and take care of the home as well. Real estate can be a great long term investment. John Haag has a strong interest in investment opportunities and finance.



About John Haag

John Haag started his long career at KPMG as an accountant and manager. He worked with KPMG for six years before moving on to JP Morgan. Most recently, Haag was a Managing Partner with Callister Haag Consulting, LLC based in San Francisco, California. Throughout his career, he has shown great ability and skill to develop and execute business strategies and originate fresh ideas and novel solutions grounded in practicality.
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