John Haag – Are You Interested in Biotechnology?

John Haag was the chief operating partner of Presidio Partners in San Francisco, California. Through Presidio Partners, he has worked with Velocity Pharmaceuticals. “John has a unique ability to see into the heart of issues and drive practical change,” said David Collier CEO of Velocity Pharmaceuticals. He continued saying, “John’s excellent attention to detail accompanied by the ability to see the “big picture” makes John an excellent partner to company CEO’s and venture investors alike.” Haag has been involved with the biotechnology industry on many levels.

Biotechnology is a broad field that involves hundreds of companies. The field focuses on the study of biological processes and organisms. A major contributor to the biotechnology discipline is the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical companies pour money into the research and development of drugs and medicines. The pharmaceutical industry does not just involve research, but marketing, business, and finance as well. Pharmaceutical companies combine biotechnology with many other industries.

The energy industry involves biotechnology as well. There are many companies that research new ways sources of sustainable energy. These companies may focus on how to reduce the use of water and other energy sources as well.

Food production involves biotechnology as well. Scientists who work in biotechnology may focus on increasing food production and farming efficiencies. They may also develop food products that have a higher nutritional value. John Haag has worked with many companies that are involved with the biotechnology discipline. He offers these companies his knowledge and experience in finance, accounting, organization, and business management.



About John Haag

John Haag started his long career at KPMG as an accountant and manager. He worked with KPMG for six years before moving on to JP Morgan. Most recently, Haag was a Managing Partner with Callister Haag Consulting, LLC based in San Francisco, California. Throughout his career, he has shown great ability and skill to develop and execute business strategies and originate fresh ideas and novel solutions grounded in practicality.
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